Kompozer 0.8b3

Kompozer 0.8 beta3 (Development version)

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Forum Upgraded

Upgraded to 1.2.19

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Site engine upgraded

The engine used by our web site was upgraded.

Kompozer 0.7.10 released

KompoZer 0.7.10 is avaialble for download

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New customer site launched
New customer site about Linux at home. (In bulgarian language only) Read More
Blog is now available
Presenting blog.hbcom.info Read More
CentOS 5 RPMs
Several rpms build for CentOS5(REHEL5) available for download Read More
E-store... now open Read More
KompoZer 0.77 and CentOS 5
Finally CentOS 5 is out, currently in beta. So will KompoZer 0.77 work. Read More
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Web site started
Site was published
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Forum is now available Read More
Kompozer RPM
Kompozer RPM is available here Read More
Customer page added
See it at med (honey) Read More
VPN alpha test successfull
Alpha tests of VPN product are OK Read More
Fixed contect form
"Error 17" fixed :)
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