VPN (Virtual Private Network)


As the name shows this is a way to create private network over public networks (Internet for example).

One of the main goals is to establish secure communications encrypting all the traffic passed over the public network in the way that it cannot be easily read from malicious person.

Side effect of this is that using VPN technology you can interconnect one or more networks or connect single computer to a distant network.

In addition we offer you the way to hide the traffic passed over public HotSpot connection using VPN to secure location (our servers).

Main advantage is that your connection is hidden from malicious hacker. The only thing that he or she can see is that there is an encrypted connection established between your computer and our servers. This means that you can securely interact with your bank site or any other web site over Internet without anyone knowing it.

This product is also appropriate for entereprises that do not have the staff to maintain and support a VPN concentrator, but need to enable secure communications over public networks - to connect users or satelite offices.

We offer you:


Secure connection via publicly available Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

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Enables communication with increased security for those of you who need it.

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  • All communications between endpoints are encrypted.
  • Your privacy is increased since nobody will see where you go and what information you transmit.
  • You can hawe private network with your partners.
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